Inspiration: Circus, Circus

I’ve harped on quite a bit about the 20s seaside theme, but one inspiration that I don’t want to get lost in the mix is the carnival theme. When I picture the 20s seaside, I can’t help but picture a boardwalk speckled with colorful canopies and the flashing lights of rides. Plus, carnivals are just fun (or at least the antiquated ones in movies seem to be). I found these lovely pics on Live Creating Yourself:

Continuing with the umbrellas…I found this beautiful circus-inspired wedding:

I love the floating parasol idea. I wonder what the feasibility of this would be. I also quite love the idea of a ccurtain backdrop and vintage circus ticket invites. 

I think it would be fun to have a popcorn machine. I’m already having a carnival feel food-wise with an ice cream bar and a candy bar, much like this one (from Green Wedding Shoes):

I love this too:

I like this idea for livening up the indoor space and tying in the carnival theme:

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